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Dog Boarding

At Sabino Canyon Pet Resort, we pride ourselves on our clean, safe environment and our meticulous attention to your pets and their boarding needs. Apart from a selection of premium foods, we cool all areas in the summer and heat all areas in the winter. All dogs that come in for boarding must be current on their Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella vaccines.

Please refrain from bringing bedding; raised cots, blankets, and even food/water bowls are already provided free of charge.
Please note: we are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Indoor and Outdoor Runs

To allow dogs fresh air and plenty of room to stretch their legs, we offer both indoor and outdoor kennel runs.

  • Indoor: Dogs are kept indoors at night for their safety and comfort (bedding is provided for all of our pups).
  • Outdoor: Outdoor areas are covered by a roof. Although dogs sleep inside, they are allowed access in and out all day during our business hours.

*Please note: If your pup decides to not use the outdoor area of its enclosure to use the restroom, we will provide potty breaks, free of charge.

Deluxe Suites

For those who want something a little more secluded, consider our deluxe suites. Our suites offer a quieter and more private stay for the more independent dogs. Suites also include a raised cot bed—a great choice for older or more timid dogs.

Luxury Suites

We offer luxury suites that are strictly indoor. Your dog can enjoy a room with luxury cots and bedding. We include 3 potty breaks per day for these pups.

Long Term Boarding

Pets staying with us for 30 days or more are considered long-term boarders. With your pet’s best interest in mind, those staying with us long-term are given complimentary Double Play, and a free bath before they head back home. While the nightly rate will remain the same, we do ensure that they have plenty of opportunity to stretch, play, and get tons of fresh air. Upon Check-In for a long term stay, our friendly staff will make sure that we have all of your information so that we can reach you for anything that may pop up. Please keep in mind that we will require a credit or debit card to keep on file and one half (1/2) of the total upon Check-In.

Cat Boarding

Tucked away from dogs and kept at a comfortable 75 degrees, our cattery is specially designed to meet your cat’s boarding needs. With perches and hiding spots, your cat is sure to feel comfortable with us. We provide premium food, bedding, optional kitty treats, and snuggle time to make your feline’s stay easier. All cats that board with us must be current on their Rabies and FVRCP vaccine. Contact us to confirm whether or not your cat would require a current Leukemia vaccine.

Other Pet Boarding

We are proud to offer boarding for pets of all kinds. You can bring us anything but the barn, including the following:

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Birds (large and small)
  • Fish

Once you bring us their habitat and their food/bedding needs, we will give them quality care while you’re gone. These pets are charged per habitat (cage), and not per pet.


Standard Indoor and Outdoor Runs

(Second pet 10% off when in shared kennel)

Deluxe Suites

(Second pet 10% off when in shared suite)

Luxury Suites

(Second pet 10% off when in shared suite)



Pocket Pets, Reptiles and Exotics, Birds

$22.00/night/per enclosure*

*an additional charge of $3 per day will be added for peak dates for all animals.

Special Needs

At Sabino Canyon Pet Resort, we cater our add-on services and pet supplies to fit special needs.

  • Special diet – $1.00 – When pets have special diets that are brought from home we ask that you package the food in a sealed container. Please label the container with the pet’s name and the feeding instructions. We do have a refrigerator/freezer for raw/cooked diets.
  • Medication – for a minimal fee – Medications from home should be clearly labeled with the dose needed for your pet.
  • Diabetic Pets – We are no longer accepting new diabetic clients and recommend in-home boarding or vet boarding.
  • Medical Needs – We cannot board animals with open wounds or who require cones.

*Note: all prices per animal per day.

Ask about getting your pet groomed or bathed on the day of departure. Not only will you avoid needing to pick up prior to noon, but your family member will come home clean and happy. As soon as they are ready, we’ll call you to pick them up!

Check-in is any time during our business hours.

Check-out is by noon (a pet picked up after noon with no scheduled grooming or bathing will be charged for the day.)

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