It’s Time to Fetch: We Offer Add-on Activities

At Sabino Canyon Pet Resort, we offer a wide variety of add-on services and pet supplies to add enjoyment to your pet’s stay.

Kobe in the Pool

A La Carte

We strive to make your pet’s time with us as memorable as possible with the following a la carte activities:

  • Playtime – $6.00 – 15 minutes of ball throwing and dog-park style fun (with or without other dogs based on our personality assessment).
  • Swimming – $8.00 – 20 minutes of pool time without other dogs is a great way to cool off all year round. It’s also great as a therapeutic outing for older dogs as well.
  • Busy bone – $4.00 – A Kong toy stuffed with a tasty mashed potatoes gives even the busiest dogs a treat to think about.
  • Tuna on a Ritz – $4.00 – A Ritz cracker piled high with tasty tuna—every cat’s favorite.
  • Treat time – $4.00 – A serving of lactose-free ice cream topped with crunch dog biscuits.
  • Snuggle time – $6.00 – Do you have a pet that just needs to be held? We offer 15 minutes of lap time and loving to make your pet feel extra special.


You can help your pet feel well-taken care of with one of our personalized packages.

  • Pampered Pooch – $8.00 – Keep your pooch pleased with snuggle time and an ice cream treat.
  • Double Play – $10.00 – Give your pooch twice the excitement with double the play every day.
  • Triple Play – $15 – Let your pet romp around during all of our Morning, Afternoon, and Evening playtimes.
  • Snack n’ Play – $12.00 – Satisfy your pet’s sweet tooth with one playtime, a Busy Bone, and our Treat Time ice cream.
  • Busy Bundle – $16.00 – Keep your pet busy as a bee with a morning and evening playtime, a Busy Bone, and a treat time midday.
  • Splash n’ Play – $12.00 – Let your animal splash with one playtime and one swim session.
  • Splash n’ Double Play – $16.00 – Your pup will have a blast going out twice for playtime and once for a swim.

Special Needs

At Sabino Canyon Pet Resort, we cater our add-on services and pet supplies to fit special needs.

  • Special diet – $1.00 – When pets have special diets that are brought from home we ask that you package the food in a sealed container. Please label the container with the pet’s name and the feeding instructions. We do have a refrigerator/freezer for raw/cooked diets.
  • Medication – for a minimal fee – Medications from home should be clearly labeled with the dose needed for your pet.
  • Diabetic Pets – We are no longer accepting new diabetic clients and recommend in-home boarding or vet boarding.

*Note: all prices per animal per day.

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